Silver Sponsors are the closet thing Furcadia offers to a game subscription.

Silver Sponsorship perks

Silver Sponsors get the following in-game perks:

  • Color/Species changing online. Silver Sponsors may change their colour or species in Fured without having to relog.
  • Sponsors get a portrait space to use as long as they remain a sponsor. This portrait space that allows the uploaded art to be changed once a month.
  • Sponsors get to use four local species in their dreams, instead of just one.
  • Sponsors are able to cuddle other furres.
  • Sponsors get to use the `noendurance command. This allows the Sponsor, or anyone they nominate, to perform as many actions as they like in their own dream, and never get the "your throat is tired" message.
  • Sponsors are able to see who is emitting and ejecting within their own dreams.
  • Sponsors are able to transfer all their special items to another character for a $5 transfer fee.
  • Sponsors are able to transfer all their portraits to another character for a $5 transfer fee.
  • Sponsors are able to transfer both of the above to another character for a single $5 transfer fee.
  • Sponsors are able to clear their portrait spaces, and upload new portraits to their character for a $5 fee.
  • Some new game features added to the game will initially be available only to Sponsors during the testing phase. (After that, they become available to everyone.)
  • Sponsors are able to upload dreams to Silver Sponsorship Upload Pads available at the most popular parts of public areas of Furcadia.
  • Sponsors' uploaded dreams appear with a special Silver Sponsorship dream portal.
  • Use of the Sponsors Showcase. This dream in the popular, high-traffic main hall in Allegria contains upload pads for the exclusive use of our Sponsors to present their creations.
  • Access to special exclusive meetings, such as the yearly Town Meeting with the Furcadia Creators.
  • When using PhoenixSpeak in their dreams, Sponsors are able to memorise up to 64kb of facts about 200 furres (as opposed to10kb about 50 furres).
  • Sponsors' PhoenixSpeak storage will not be cleared after thirty days of not being used.

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