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The Raukor is a Ferian avatar based on the Raukor from Furcadia canon.

Digo Market

The Raukor is available year-round from the Digo Market. It's listed under Gryffes, and it's only available in a one year subscription.

The Raukor was available for pre-sale September 6th, 2017 until it's release.



From Website
The following information is copied verbatim from the Furcadia [{{{url}}} website].

The Raukor, sometimes called Diatryma, is a predatory bird twice the mass of a domestic Ostrix, and more common in Drakoria than Kasuria.

It is virtually unknown in Olde World, where they may haunt misty eastern jungles.

Make no mistake, this is a deadly predator. It feeds on Ostrixes, which, in a long chase, it will outrun. It can stalk with great stealth, and its long neck uncoils to thrust its head forwards to seize prey in its serrated beak.

They are voracious and clever pack hunters. Where there is one, there is usually a dozen or two more. They attack with an unceasing chorus of cawing shrieks that makes even yelled speech impossible. They can also mimic sounds they have just heard with great accuracy. They are most deadly because the whole pack will attack a single victim unceasingly, then move on to the next foe.

Their resistance to magic and psionics is legendary. Their thick hide is very tough, and can even resist crossbow bolts, thus their skin is prized for making feathery shields and armor. The long plumes on its back are not its tail, but a tuft that can be raised, lowered, or made to quiver. Wyrmme nobles hunt Raukors with long spears, and make their back-plumes into fans on long handles. Drakorian chieftains and chieftainesses sometimes wear cloaks woven from Raukor plumes.

They can't be trained, despite the legend of the Dark Prime Peristane's fire chariot being drawn by four Raukors. Raukor-form Werefurres are especially feared. In Drakoria, a bad-tempered Wyrmme may be called "that old Raukor" behind their back.[1]


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