New Digos are commonly put on presale as they're being worked on for release. The first avatar to be put on presale was the Dragonling in 2014. Presales are sold at the same price as a year long digo, but come with a bonus for life desctag exclusive to the presale as well as an additional two months. A modified presale description tag is later sold with the For Life release of an avatar.

The Dragon's Breath Orb is used as a placeholder avatar during the development period. It can be used until the avatar is released at its kindling.

List of presale desctags

Avatar Presale Desctag For Life Desctag Presale Date
Dragonling Dragonling presale desctag Blue Dragonegg Dragonling bonus desctag Purple Dragonegg Unknown
SnowMew SnowMew presale desctag Purple SnowMew SnowMew bonus desctag Teal SnowMew Unknown
Wyrmme Wyrmme presale desctag Blue Knife Wyrmme bonus desctag Red Knife Unknown
MF Gryffe Mythical Ferian Gryffe presale desctag Silver Crown Mythical Ferian Gryffe bonus desctag Gold Crown Unknown
Skunken Skunken presale desctag Purple Perfume Bottle Skunken bonus desctag Teal Perfume Bottle Unknown
Goaten Goaten presale desctag Tin Can Goaten bonus desctag Rusty Tin Can Unknown
Drakkin Drakkin presale desctag Purple Crystal Drakkin bonus desctag Amber Crystal Unknown
Ruffen Ruffen presale desctag Tennis Ball Ruffen bonus desctag Blue Tennis Ball Unknown
MF Jackalope Mythical Ferian Jackalope presale desctag Blue Cactus Mythical Ferian Jackalope bonus desctag Red Cactus Unknown
Kitsukin Kitsukin presale desctag Fire Crystal

Kitsukin bonus desctag Fire Crystal w/ Copper Bezel

Lemurkin Lemurkin presale desctag Lemurkin Horn Lemurkin bonus desctag Lemurkin Horn Unknown
Jerbokin Jerbokin presale desctag Crystal Leaf Jerbokin bonus desctag Crystal Leaf Unknown
Hedgen Hedgen presale desctag Mushroom Hedgen bonus desctag Double Mushroom Unknown
Bearling Bearling presale desctagHoney Pot Bearling bonus desctag Honey Pot Unknown
Raccoon Raccoon presale desctag Ray Gun Raccoon bonus desctag Silver Ray Gun Unknown
Kitterkin Kitterkin presale desctag Crystal Flower Kitterkin bonus desctag Purple Crystal Flower Unknown
Gryfkin Unknown Gryfkin bonus desctag Unknown
Adorapus Adorapus presale desctag Seashell Adorapus bonus desctag Crystal Seashell Unknown
MF FireClaw Mythical Ferian FireClaw presale desctag Wing Flame Double Wing Flame Unknown
Ponikin Ponikin presale desctag Alicorn Ponikin bonus desctag Alicorn Unknown
Swoon Swoon presale desctag Pink Heart Feather Swoon bonus desctag Red Heart Feather Unknown
Stoaten Stoaten presale desctag Stoaten Egg Stoaten bonus desctag Stoaten Egg Unknown
Wallaben Wallaben presale desctag Boxing Gloves Wallaben bonus desctag Boxing Gloves Unknown
MF Phoenix Mythical Ferian Phoenix presale desctag Phoenix Feather Mythical Ferian Phoenix bonus desctag Phoenix Feather Unknown
Kirikin Kirikin presale desctag Kirikin Scale Kirikin bonus desctag Purple Kirikin Scale June 14, 2016
Purrkin Purrkin presale desctag Purple Paw Purrkin bonus desctag Red Paw Sept. 18, 2016
Raffen Raffen presale desctag Acacia Tree Raffen bonus desctag Acacia Tree Unknown
Clucken Clucken presale desctag Egg Clucken bonus desctag Deviled Egg Jan. 17, 2017
Cerdiere Cerdiere presale desctag Cerdiere Horn Cerdiere bonus desctag Cerdiere Horn Unknown
SnowWuff SnowWuff presale desctag Skull SnowWuff bonus desctag Skull Unknown
Cabbit Cabbit presale desctag Flower Cabbit bonus desctag Crystal Flower
Raukor Raukor presale desctag Raukor Talon Raukor bonus desctag Raukor Talon Sept. 6, 2017
Batikin Batikin presale desctag Orange Batikin Batikin bonus desctag Black Batikin Oct. 14, 2017
Icewing Unknown Unknown Dec. 9, 2017
Luckin Luckin presale desctag Good Fortune Luckin bonus desctag Feb. 3, 2018
Husken Husken presale desctag Snowflake Pawprint Husken bonus desctag Apr. 8, 2018
Snapdragon Snapdragon presale desctag Red Snapdragons Snapdragon bonus desctag Colorful Snapdragons June 8, 2018