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Pineapple Lake Resort
Furcadia main map

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Pineapple Lake Resort is Furcadia's welcome map, accessible via dream portal from Naia Green.  It is where new furres are placed upon creation. PLR contains several minigames and has a tutorial-like nature, replacing the older Welcome Tutorial map.

Entry emitEdit

Welcome to Furcadia! You're in the Pineapple Lake Resort. Type in the textbox at the bottom of your screen to talk to people around you. Move with the arrow keys, or 1, 3, 7 and 9 on the numpad. To learn about Furcadia bump into signs, you'll even earn a free cookie! Find an NPC to play a game, or just walk around and explore!


Pineapple Lake Resort is an open, spacious map with many areas to explore.

Map of PLR.

Main areasEdit

  • Beekin's Boardwalk: This is where furres are placed upon entering the dream.
  • Ahroth's Square:
  • Jujinka's Terrance:
  • Grannyfurre's Diner:
  • Fountain Overlook:
  • The Temple of Time:
  • Mange's Camp:
  • Roland's Raceway:

Notable dreamsEdit

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