Naga (`naga) are one of the premium Mythical avatars available for players from the Digo Market.


In the Dragonlands setting, naga are the traditional temple guardians of the ancient world. They have the torso of a furre but a lower body like a huge snake. Their faces are often snake-ish, with scales and backswept ears tight to their heads. Furres tend to find them beautiful yet somewhat repellent at the same time.

A naga can only be magically created by a conclave of Dark Mages. It begins as an egg, which hatches and rapidly grows into a four-meter-long adult over the space of a month. Making a Nagafurre requires the destruction of a faeriefurre, a mortal furre, and a snake.

Naga are usually equipped with a warrior's weapons, and armor made especially for them. Then they are set to guard great treasure hoards.

Naga can spit fist-sized balls of "fyre": gooey stuff that bursts into fire in the air. Their range is equal to that of the finest, heaviest bow. Once set on fire, a victim's best chance is to smother the fire with something fireproof. Rolling on the ground will make it worse and spread the fire. Water does nothing to the naga's fyre. It will burn for weeks: donated fyre from a friendly naga makes a great lamp fuel! The best action for someone hit by fyre is to apply large amounts of dry powdered gypsum or plaster-of-paris. The burning will go out but the victim will still be horribly injured.

The naga's senses of touch and hearing are very acute, and they cannot be surprised if they are awake. They can hear the heart beat of a furre hiding behind a huge pillar several meters away, for example. Thus, they can fight in pitch darkness without any penalty.

Naga are, by nature, vain and insecure. They can embody all the worst traits of a young child: greed, selfishness, laziness, malice, and so on. Also, like a young child, they love to listen to stories. (Long epics are their favorite.)

There are three known ways to distract one. Its serpent nature makes it hungry and after being given a large offering of food, it will go to sleep. Its faerie nature gives it a curious, playful side, and it can become obsessed with a puzzle toy, such as a large jigsaw or a metal blacksmith's puzzle.

The mortal furre nature gives the naga susceptibility to loneliness. Most will never have seen another naga and can be thrown into a state of rapture and longing by showing it a large mirror.

It is also true that a mortal furre of the opposite sex who is good and pure of heart can tame the naga with kindness. (This isn't sexual, and it's always a furre of the opposite gender.) Once tamed, a naga starts to grow up, showing more and more self-control and maturity over time.


Naga avatars are always available from the Digo Market. They can be purchased for one year, two years, or for-life.





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