Evil faeriefurre.

Kitterwings, Kitterwing Shee or Kitters, (`kitterwing) are one of the premium Mythical avatars available for players from the Digo Market.


The Primes Jujinka and Ahroth are responsible for the existence of all Fey Folk. It is said that the two Primes touched their hands and the sparks that fell upon the seedlings and the tiny stones below were imbued with magical life. For this, the ElvenFurres honor Jujinka (whom they call the Green Mother) and Ahroth (whom they call the Bearded Father) above all other Primes.

Kitterwings are a type of faerie furre. They have insect-like wings similar to dragonflies or butterflies, long ears that attach low on their heads and delicate features. Kitterwings are very small, but have the ability to transform to a size close to regular furres.

Kitterwings are shy of "big furres" and prefer quiet areas, often gardens and natural spots. Since they are not born, but formed whole with magic, they do not have parents or grow old. As adults from their creation, they already have the wisdom and magic they need to live in their world and do not need to learn new things.

Kitterwings appear all over the Dragonlands but exist in the greatest concentration of them in the Olde World. Mages from Kasuria and Drakoria have historically been known to persecute and torment them.

While Kitterwings are often neutral or good, enjoying activities such as helping plants to bloom or using their magic to assist other furres, some have turned to darker ways. Often through bad experiences in their lives, they can even become evil and use their magic for harm.


Kitterwing avatars are always available from the Digo Market. They can be purchased for one year, two years, or for-life.





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