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Furrabian Nights
Furcadia main map

Dream standard
Dream type
allowed (on and off dream pads)

Contains Silver Sponsor upload pads.

Furrabian Nights, also known as FurN, is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface. It is the primary Adults Only map, and arguably the most heavily-populated map in Furcadia.

Entry emitEdit

Welcome to Furrabian Nights, a place of exotic delights. This is an A18+ Environment for sexual content and crude language. Children under 18, or anyone playing a character under 16, are not allowed here. Any wishing to engage in behavior going beyond an M18+ Standard, please upload a dream. Use F3 to move between multiple points around the dream.



Map of FurN.

FurN has a mostly open design, separating areas with walls and open space.

Main areasEdit

The following are either signposted, or the most commonly populated:

  • Furrabian Nights Cafe: A building in the north of the map, and one of FurN's originally popular hangout spots.
  • The Fires: Located roughly south of the cafe, one of the most popular hangout sports in FurN.
  • Felorin's Truth or Dare Pool: Located south of the portal to the Vinca, over the bridge. Along with the Fires, one of FurN's most active spots.
  • The Idle Pit: An area in the far north-east of the map, where idling furres are teleported. Arguably the most densely-populated part in all of Furcadia.
  • Talzhemir's Trading Post: Located to the north-west.

Notable dreamsEdit

A large number of Furcadia's most popular and populated dreams are uploaded into FurN. Most have an erotic theme.

External referencesEdit

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