Furrabian Nights, also known as FurN, is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface. It is the primary Adults Only map, and arguably the most heavily-populated map in Furcadia.

Entry emit

Welcome to Furrabian Nights, a place of exotic delights. This is an A18+ Environment for sexual content and crude language. Children under 18, or anyone playing a character under 16, are not allowed here. Any wishing to engage in behavior going beyond an M18+ Standard, please upload a dream. Use F3 to move between multiple points around the dream.



Map of FurN.

FurN has a mostly open design, separating areas with walls and open space.

Main areas

The following are either signposted, or the most commonly populated:

  • Furrabian Nights Cafe: A building in the north of the map, and one of FurN's originally popular hangout spots.
  • The Fires: Located roughly south of the cafe, one of the most popular hangout sports in FurN.
  • Felorin's Truth or Dare Pool: Located south of the portal to the Vinca, over the bridge. Along with the Fires, one of FurN's most active spots.
  • The Idle Pit: An area in the far north-east of the map, where idling furres are teleported. Arguably the most densely-populated part in all of Furcadia.
  • Talzhemir's Trading Post: Located to the north-west.

Notable dreams

A large number of Furcadia's most popular and populated dreams are uploaded into FurN. Most have an erotic theme.

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