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In general, don't be afraid to edit the Wiki! While we do prefer quality edits, even the most basic ones will help us out a lot. We can always go back and revise articles.


Preloaded Templates

These pages come preloaded with information and formatting to help you create a page!


RSS News

To Do

Here are some suggested to-dos, but don't feel obligated to follow this list!

  • Most Avatar pages need additional information.
  • Main Map pages need to be completely overhauled to reflect 32-bit.
  • 8-bit Main Map pages need to be moved (historical).
  • Editor pages need to be reworked as well. (Move old editor to (historical)).
  • UPDATES and NEWS POSTS pages need to be created.
  • GUIDES on Dreamweaving, official games/activities on maps, etc. are needed!!!
  • Create dated pages (see )... this uses template with a couple other modules and templates. Hopefully we can figure this out.


Groups and dreams can create a group page in the group namespace on our Wiki! When you create a page, you'll name it Group:GroupNameHere. A full guide will be made on this later, but one key expectation is that group pages should be used to document important group information and history. Group Wiki pages should not be used as websites for your dreams! (Ex. You shouldn't have lists of all of your staff members, members, etc.)

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