Flyt clan is a very aggressive and dangerous clan who uses sexual actions in maps that don't allow it, they go against the rules of Furcadia and harass beekins and absolutely hate guardians. They often talk in other languages and when they get in trouble they make new accounts and do whatever they did again. They never listen to beekins and hate pretty much everybody. They are said to be hackers.

Possible membersEdit

The members below are POSSIBLE members, it isn't known for sure if they're actual members

The leaders of Flyt clan are said to be Jiby and Unicon, but this isn't known for sure

Possibly Didgido

Possibly Nowuh

Possibly Befuyo

Possibly Gress

Possibly Hayte


Since not many people go to the wylde, they set camp in the wydle, usually by the tree stumps northeast of coastal meadow.

A Few WarningsEdit

  • It is said that Flyt clan is a group of hackers.
  • Some people say that Jiby and Unicon have hacked into people's computers and left viruses.
  • Didgido has said in a map before that he is experienced with hacking, but nobody ever reported him hacking in Furcadia
  • Nowuh HATES when people get too close to their camp in the wylde, he swears at people if they get too close. Nobody really knows why.
  • Befuyo absolutely HATES beekins even though he never really talks to any of them, he said it to the group before that he doesn't like them.
  • Gress was seen talking to the clan about hacking Furcadia before but this never really happened.
  • Hayte DESPISES all guardians, he said to the clan that he doesn't like them at all, but never said anything to anyone else about this.

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