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Ferians are sentient beings that walk on four legs. They live in the world of furres, but beside furres, not with them. They live by a set of codes and laws all their own. Many ferians hope some day to reach The Wylde, a place of safety and bounty. While most ferians mean no harm, the acts of a few evil ones have led furres to a longstanding fear and distrust of their four-footed neighbors.

"Ferians" versus "Ferals"

While "ferian" is the term for sentient, non-anthropomorphic animals in Furcadia's official setting of the Dragonlands, the term "feral" pre-dates it and is still frequently used by players.

A rough distinction between the two terms may be that ferians are sentient, i.e. have thoughts and feelings equivalent to humans/furres, whereas ferals have animal thoughts and instincts. This distinction, however, is hardly universal, and the interpretation will vary between individual dreams and players.

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