Evil faeriefurre.

Faeriefurres, or Fey Folk, are "fey" furres within the setting of the Dragonlands.

The premium Kitterwing avatar represents the most common type of faeriefurre encountered within Furcadia.


The Primes Jujinka and Ahroth are responsible for the existence of all Fey Folk. It is said that the two Primes touched their hands and the sparks that fell upon the seedlings and the tiny stones below were imbued with magical life. For this, the elvenfurres honor Jujinka (whom they call the Green Mother) and Ahroth (whom they call the Bearded Father) above all other Primes.

Physically, faeriefurres are no larger than teenage mortal furres, while most are the size of children. They have great big eyes, profuse hair, and large ears. Their paws have one less finger than normal. Unlike mortals, the species of a faeriefurre is hard to discern. They may mix the features of predator and prey creatures, for example.

Faeriefurres divide themselves into two factions: the Seelie, who are fond of the quaint mortal world, and the Unseelie, who treat it with contempt. Individuals who fulfill the ideals of their Court live longer than mortals.

Evil faeriefurres are malignant spirits to the core, honoring each other for spiteful and malicious acts. It is customary to brag about these in Unseelie Court, and the one who doubts another may find themself in a bloody duel, much to the delight of the rest of the court. The signature weapon of the Unseelie are "elfdarts": slender twinned crystals made of refined poison that vanish after they have done their dirty work.

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