Dusk 2 Dawn (full title being Club Dusk Till Dawn) is one of the main maps, accessible by in-game portals in Acropolis, Furrabian Nights, Hawthorne, and Imaginarium.

Entry emit

You have found your way to Dusk Till Dawn. A place where  the sky is always dark, and so are most of the furres you'll meet. The M16+ Standard applies here. If you don't have parental permission to be here, please leave!


D2D is a small map that consists of an outside area, a lookout tower, main building with a bar, and an inn.  It contains only two F3 points - for the the Central Hall indoors, and for the starting location.

Map features

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If a furre walks into the hole not covered by grating (46,24) outside of the small house near the entrypoint, they will fall into a small locked room with only a bed and a set of manacles on the wall.  To get out, simply press F3.