The DS Editor.

The DragonSpeak Editor is the primary tool used to edit DragonSpeak when Dreamweaving. The DragonSpeak Editor was originally created by Reunion in 2002. The current version of the Editor is 1.15. At the end of 2013, a new DragonSpeak editor was released called the DragonSpeak Constructor, which was creted by Lothus Marque of Mercenary Enclave. Furcadia now allows you to select between both the original DragonSpeak Editor and the new DragonSpeak constructor.

Both the DragonSpeak Editor and the new DragonSpeak Constructor comes bundled with the standard Furcadia download, and can be found in the same location. It can also be launched from a button within the game client itself, by default located on the C Tab, which allows you to select between the version you prefer.

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