The Digo Market is the official store of Furcadia. While the game itself and at least basic versions of each feature are available for free, extras can be purchased.


Digos is the collective name given to player avatar enhancements available from the Digo Market. Digos can be purchased either for-life, as a limited-time item or, in some cases, as a subscription.

Digos currently come in two varieties. Wings are attachments that, as implied, give one of the default avatars (with the exception of Bugges) wings. Other digos, including Mythicals, Ferians, and Avatars change a furre's entire appearance.


While certain digos -- such as Dragons and wings -- can be "subscribed" to, subscriptions in Furcadia generally refer to Silver Sponsorships.

Silver Sponsorships

Silver Sponsorships are bought on a per-alt basis, and convey the following features:

  • Access to the Felorin and Talzhemir channels.
  • Access to the Silver Sponsor forum.
  • Access to unreleased information on future updates.
  • Special events.
  • Testing and seeing new digos and features before other players.

Dream Packages

Similar to Silver Sponsorships, Dream Packages are subscriptions that are intended for Dream-uploading alts, and convey benefits to a player's Dream, such as semi-permanence and increased Dragonspeak and Phoenixspeak limits.

Portrait spaces

Though each avatar comes with its own set of in-game portraits, players may purchase portrait spaces in order to upload their own character art to the game.


Dragonscales (DS) are Furcadia's in-game currency. Bought at a one-to-one ratio with the US dollar ((1 Gold Dragonscale is 1 USD), Dragonscales can be used to purchase items from the Digo Market itself, or in trades with other players.


Desctags are small images that appear in a furre's description when clicked. Desctags purchased from the Digo Market generally last for a limited period of time, and are are intended to be gifted or shared with friends. Some, such as 'Pirates vs. Ninjas', are purchased as a vote in a competition.

Other services

The Digo Market also offers a range of other fee-based services, such as clearing unwanted art from portrait spaces, or allowing the transfer of Digos from one alt to another.

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