Digos are avatars available for purchase from the Digo Market to support Furcadia's development. Most Digos are expiring items that last for a duration of one or two years, after which they need to be re-purchased to be reused. Most digos are also offered as subscriptions, for a monthly fee.

Some Digos, known as "seasonals" are only offered for a limited duration, generally one month, at a particular time of year.

Both "regular" and seasonal Digos come in non-expiring, for-life versions. Life digos never expire, though are significantly more expensive than their time-limited counterparts, as well as not being always available in the official market. Due to these factors, the Furcadia community contains a healthy digo aftermarket, where players buy and sell life digos -- and, occasionally, expiring digos -- for a fraction of their original cost.

Mythicals Edit

Mythical Digos are anthropomorphic versions of common mythical creatures. All Mythicals are capable of producing an effect, such as flames or a polymorph.

The Mythicals are as follows:

  • Dragons, with the ability to breathe magic dragon dust.
  • Gargoyles, who turn to stone.
  • Gryffes, who can assume an eagle's shape.
  • Kirin, who ride on floating clouds.
  • Kitsunes, who can summon Foxfire.
  • Kitterwings, with the ability to change their size from large to small.
  • Naga, who summon and command the power of water.
  • Phoenixes, with the ability to burst into flame.
  • Unicorns, who use their horns to light up a glamorous spark.

Wings Edit

There are five different wing types. Wings may attach to any free avatar except Bugges.

The currently-available Wings are:

Classic wings, the first feathered wing type, have been discontinued and replaced by primes. They are currently only available for-life.

Ferians Edit

Ferian Digos are non-anthropomorphizing versions of their furre counterparts. In the Dragonlands continuity, they are furres that have been cursed into feral shapes.

The following Ferians are currently available:

In addition to the standard Ferian avatars, there are also the Mythical Ferians:

Finally, the following "child" Ferian digos have been released:

Gendered Avatars Edit

Digos in the Avatar Series have male and female genders, with "unspecified" taking on the in-game avatar of the male version (though maintaining a separate portrait).

Furlings are "child furres", and are not allowed in adult maps.

Nobles include Feline, Canine, Equine, Rodent, Lapine, Musteline, Squirrel, and Hyooman. They have a more "royal" appearance than the standard avatars. Attachments, i.e. wings, can now be used on nobles. Eg: `fluttermouse, `flutershen, etc. Must have both items For Life.

Seasonals and freebies Edit

Seasonal Digos are sold during certain times of the year, though players owning the for-life versions may use them at any time.

The current Seasonals are as follows:


In addition, some "digos" are given out as freebies at various times. These occasionally also go on sale, often as for-life versions.

Flerians Edit

Flerians are the Ferians with flowers on their back.

  • Floxen, Foxen Ferians with flowers on their backs.
  • Flynxen, Lynxen Ferians with flowers on their backs.
  • Flooki, Panooki Ferians with flowers on their backs.
  • [[Flitten], Catten Ferians with flowers on their backs.
  • Fleer, Harten Ferians with flowers on their backs.
  • Fleek. Squeeken Ferians with flowers in their backs.

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