Player avatars in 'Furcadia' are represented by furres, or anthropormorphic animals from a variety of species. Additional customisation is available to player by choosing their avatars colours, description, portrait, or supplementing their avatar's appearance by purchasing additional appearance options from the Digo Market.

Basic customisationEdit

Players can customize their avatars by choosing colors from a palette. These colors are shown on both the walkabout and portrait. The walkabout has a basic walking animation with the ability to stand, sit, or lay. There are default portraits for each avatar, however, one may upload a 95x95 custom portrait for a small fee.

Each character can also have a brief description, which can include character details, or external links to websites. Some players choose to link to third-party websites to extend their descriptions beyond the character-limit the standard Furcadia description allows.

Free species Edit

Furcadia offers ten free species for players to choose from:

In addition to these ten species, Furcadia also offers a Freebie Seasonal Digo that anyone can use, located on the E Tab.  This avatar changes frequently, either to observe a holiday, preview a new Avatar before it goes on sale, and/or simply something random to amuse players with.

Digos Edit

Digos are special player avatars available for purchase from the Digo Market to support Furcadia's development. Digos include non-anthropomorphic versions of the free species, mythical creatures, wings that can be attached to the free species (with the exception of the Bugge), and others.

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