Attachments is a system in Furcadia that allows for wings, flowers, antlers, and other accessories to be attached to an avatar. This dramatically saves space, as each avatar and accessory only needs to be loaded once.This is done through currently done through frames and Kitterspeak. Attachments can also be used on items, floors, walls, etc. to save a considerable amount of space in dreams.

Future Attachments

A larger attachments system has been planned for quite some time. In 2009, this system would allow all avatars to wear wings, clothing such as hats, and swap out muzzles, tails, ears, etc.[1]

Attachment points will need to be added to avatars so they can work with attachments such as wings and tails. In 2012, plans for attachments seem to have downsized, as there isn't much emphasis on muzzles and ears.[2]

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