Allegria Island was altered or removed after an update. See Allegria Island for the current version.
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Allegria Island, otherwise known as AI or simply Allegria, is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface. It is the main hub for Dream uploads.

Entry emit

Allegria Island is a place especially rich in dream-energy. Just  find a spot you like, and press Ctrl-T to upload your dream. Please keep all actions and language here suited to all ages. Make sure you check out our special Silver Showcase dream that has an entrance here.  Use F3 to move between multiple points around the dream. You can warp to DreamurlFeral Island and DreamurlHome Island by clicking these links.


Allegria Island has a mostly open design, separating areas with walls and open space.

Main areas

The following areas are main areas because they have titles, are entry areas, and are accessible via entry code and F3.

  • Main Hall: Contains dream portals for The Wylde and Silver Sponsor Showcase and two socializing areas to the NW and SE.
  • Keywi Isle: A separate island located on the SW area of the map.  Referred to as Feral Island by the entry emit.
  • Home Isle: A separate island located on the NE area of the map.
  • Campsite:
  • Arena:
  • Main Hall Exit (NE):
  • North Shore:

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