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Furcadia main map

Dream standard
Dream type
allowed (on and off dream pads)

Contains Silver Sponsor upload pads.

Acropolis is one of the main maps accessible from Furcadia's user interface.

Entry emitEdit

You've entered Acropolis, a socializing area for furres that just want to chat, make friends and meet others from around the world. Please, no Roleplaying or Persona Play here. Keep conversation suited for all ages. It's important to respect others, here and everywhere in Furcadia. Use F3 to move between  multiple points around the dream.



Map of Acropolis.

Acropolis has a mostly open design, separating areas with walls and open space.

Main areasEdit

The following areas are main areas because they have titles, are entry areas, and are accessible via entry code and F3.

  • Meo Portal (11): This portal is the farthest portal north-east.
  • Hawthrone Portal (12): This portal is the farthest north-west.
  • Naia Green Portal (13): This portal is the farthest south-west.
  • Silver Sponsor Portal (14): This portal is the farthest south-east.
  • Old Vinca Portal (15): This portal is roughly East from the middle, between the Meo and Silver Sponsor Portals.
  • Storyteller's Circle (16): Located roughly in the center of the map, this area was designed to be the highest traffic area.

The numbers in parenthesis are the entry codes. For more information see Dreamurl.

Named areasEdit

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The Vinca Object in the Wyrmme Ruins.

The following are areas with a name and some special DS, but lack the other features of main areas:
  • Club Dusk-To-Dawn: The entrance is a staircase in the graveyard. Inside is a Dream portal for Dusk-To-Dawn.
    • The Chasm: The chasm is accessible by going to the south-east corner of the Dusk-To-Dawn room while the stone pillars are down.
  • The Wyrmme Ruins: Located south-by-southwest, the ruins contain a seating area. Stepping on the Vinca object teleports players in front of the graveyard.

Map featuresEdit

The archways near the portals move players to and from the circle for quick travel.

Graveyard, Dusk-To-Dawn, and the poemEdit

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The entrance to Club Dusk 2 Dawn.

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The Club Desk 2 Dawn portal.

The graveyard must be opened to enter Dusk-To-Dawn. In the DS is a poem that describes what you must do:

 Beyond the bright Acropolis,
 Sealed by pillars tall and pink
 There rots a dry Necropolis,
 Jujinka's mark holds tight the graves.
 And he who would unleash the Unclean,
 Seeks out Wyrmme Ruins to the south,
 Dark Primes' gift can still be seen
 Sorcery scribed by loathsome slaves.
 Then follow cruel Theseus's tracks
 Where poor Minotaur, he slays,
 The key to the City of the Dead
 Is the center of the Maze.
 So travel near, and travel far,
 Make use of what you do not have.
 Midian is where the monsters are
 And in this bar, they raise a "bier".
 They fear Jujinka's green and wholesome sward,
 And sunrise leaves by Vinca's light made green.
 For in the jungle stands a hidden shrine,
 That closes tight again the Gate of Fear.

Notable DreamsEdit

Notable Dreams commonly uploaded to Acropolis include:

External referencesEdit

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